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On our Indigenous wall you will find just about everything you need for your latest project!

Stop in and see our vast selection of:
Fabrics, Charms:
 Wolves, Bear & Turtles,
Hides: Smoked & Brain Tanned, Delica Beads, Dentalium Shell, Seed Beads: 250 + colors, various sizes, Needles: wide variety of Glovers, Silk 1¼ wide ribbon, Bees Wax, Cone thread, Dentalium shell, Cowrie shell, Drum frames: Solid maple, Rawhide banding & lacing, Hairpipe, Earrings frames: fingernail & beadable, Rhinestone banding: over 50 colors, Centers, Hackel feathers, Jingle cones, Porquine quills: dyed & natural,  Sinew: multiple colors & natural, Bolo cord accessories, Leather, Vinyl, Resin Elk Teeth, Natural Buffalo Teeth,
Resin Bear Claws,
        Large and small medicine bags,
          Leather hair ties, Pop Sockets, 

             Feathertip cones, Stiff felt backing

If you would like
something special, just ask
Jo to look for it
 for you, and she
will do her best
to get it.
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