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We have over 40 Featured Artist's at N.E.W. Beads & Jewelry...if your looking for a
unique, one of a kind gift for that hard to buy person, you'll be sure to find something here.

Such as: Artistically Created Jewelry, Crazy Fun Crochet Animals, Ribbon Skirts, Recycled Leather Earrings, Quilting, Polymer Clay Earrings, Wooden Mushroom Sculptures,
Polymer Clay Gnome Sculptures, Beaded Canes, Recycled Tin Jewelry, Knapped Arrowheads, Feather Boxes, Antique Indigenous Baskets, Recycled Denim Bags,
Beaded Christmas Ornaments, Beaded Scarves,  Original Paintings, Encaustic Painting,
Crystal Beaded Flower Poke Stems, Up-cycled Jewelry, Resin Flower Castings, and more.
Stop in and see how talented they all are and support a local Artist!

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