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ABOUT Jo Brinkley Chaudoir

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As a beader, I have always wanted to be able to go into a store and get just what I need, whether it was one gemstone or 3 grams of seed beads.  When the last, local shop closed, I made the decision to give a store a go, and here we are!

I started my obsession by making a necklace for a dear friend and I was hooked.  Who wouldn't be?  Pretty beads and the ability to be creative?  I'm in!  Six months later I was selling at shows because I had made so many things.  It only escalated from there.

Reading books and watching videos got me going and the local bead store helped me along as well as going to classes offered at bead shows.  I found that everything was interesting and fun and I had to learn it!  Soooo... many years later, I have done just about everything in the hobby jewelry making genre.  I was also a big fan of spreading the knowledge, so I began teaching and love to help people learn a new skill.

So, here I am today, 5 years later and still sharing all my stash of beads and tools for everyone to peruse and I enjoy sharing my vast knowledge of bead, jewelry & tools as well.

Thank you to all my loyal customers for making this dream a reality


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